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Will My Insurance Cover the Cost of My Upper-Eyelid Lift?

Published on February 26, 2018

In some cases, severe sagging in the upper eyelid can results in a decrease in a person’s field of vision. This means that the procedure may be covered by the person’s insurance. One of the documents you will need to provide in order to show that you require an upper-eyelid lift is a note from a physician.

This document will indicate that a qualified physician has thoroughly evaluated your condition and has deemed the procedure medically necessary. The document will include the measured position of the upper eyelid when at rest, the amount of vision lost due to the issue, and, in some cases, a statement from the patient indicating that their sagging upper eyelids are hindering their ability to perform normal tasks.

If you believe that an upper-eyelid lift will restore your field of vision and quality of life, contact Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons to schedule a consultation. We can let you know if the upper-eyelid lift is the ideal procedure for you.

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