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Archive for November, 2016

We Provide the Support and Comfort You Need to Heal from Your Burns

Published on November 18, 2016

At Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeons, we understand that healing from burns is a physical and emotional process. That is why our team strives to provide our clients with high-quality care in an environment where they feel comfortable and cared for.

Forehead Lift

Published on November 4, 2016

The proportions of your face are important in creating the way you look. If areas of your face are out of proportion or sagging and drooping, they can draw unwanted attention to a single facial feature and distract from the

Enhance Facial Contouring with Cheek Implants

Published on November 4, 2016

The curves of your face can play a large part in how you look. Having hollow cheeks or weak cheekbones can mean that your face appears painfully angular and can lead you having to use makeup in order to create

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