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The Types of Scars that Scar Revision Can Treat

Published on December 2, 2016

We often lump together all types of scars under the general term “scar,” but knowing the differences and properties of the different types of scars is important when choosing the proper scar revision treatment.

Small scars caused by acne, surgical incisions, or minor injuries are considered surface irregularities. These scars may cause discoloration or be somewhat noticeable but do not hinder function or cause pain.

Keloid scars are much more apparent. With these, the scar tissue forms into thick reddish clusters that extend beyond the area of the initial wound.

Hypertrophic scars have a similar appearance to keloid scars, but the scar tissue remains within the bounds of the wound.

Contractures can hinder your movement, as the skin and underlying tissue where the scar is located has become tight and has pulled together. These scars are common after burns or when a significant portion of skin has been lost.

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